Hello folks!  I am so happy to connect with everybody again after a very busy week over here as usual.

I’ve got a new intern working with me and she is simply fabulous. She is not only cute but she is so full of bright ideas and very resourceful and hard working. I am really pleased to have her on board. Welcome to the KV team Faith.

On the really bright side, my upcoming fashion show (here) is finally coming together in a big way and with a big bang! The full information and flyer are out on my blog and on my Facebook page. Please make sure to check out all the details and save the date. Purchase your tickets ahead of time as space is very limited.

I am so excited with my project team and I promise you there will be so many goodies to be unveiled that day. You will simply be sorry if you miss this extravaganza show.  If you are a designer or know someone who will like to come on board to showcase their 2016 creations, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Today as I went to take these photos, the weather was really cold and no matter how Canadian I may be I simply could not make it outside for these pictures. I’ve been in this climate for over twenty years but I tell you the True North still packs some punches for me weather wise. I am just wondering how KV fans that live in a cold climate and are fashion bloggers swing this. Please I need your advice. The one thing I do love about the cold weather though is the fashion. Winter fashion is simply awesome and I love it. I think it makes up for the rest.

I decided to rock this 2016 bell bottom pants with a royal blue and black vest. The pants have pockets at the back, but don’t forget this style of back pockets is not really the best choice for a woman with curves like me. It will simply make you even fuller on your rear. But I managed that by pairing it with a long trench coat so all the details don’t show very much.

You know that the best shoes for the flare bottom pants are platform boots, so I slipped into these ankle boots from Christian Louboutin and picked up my Chanel purse to step up this look.
What do you think of the multiple layers of baby pink pearls beads with the Aviator sunglasses? Don’t even discuss the saucy hat that’s looks like the icing on this cake!  Classy right? I think so too.

Thank you for your time

Top: Ann Taylor (here)
Vest: Old
Pant: Halogen  (here)
Shoes : Christian Louboutin (here)
Bag: Chanel Medium boy  Lamb Skin (here)
Sun glasses: Gucci , Look alike (here)
Hat: (here)

Fringe continues to be a big trend according to fashion gurus and fashionistas around the Glob. it is here to stay.
The latest NYFW  Sping 2016, Fringe continues to made the lead way, I was never too crazy about fringe until recently. So many fashion bloggers has really inspired me to look at it from a different Angle . I went out there and purchase some and will match them with some of the previous one that acquire before now, remember to think about your body shape before you dazzle in.

Fringe, NYFW

thank you for your time.

Hello everyone, welcome back again. I hope everyone is settling back into their routine of work, home making, maybe kids, school and what have you. What can I say? It has been an activity filled week, with re branding my Fashion Show, hiring a fashion editor to help me put the entire project together. I am already talking with a couple and I like what I hear so far. I have really done a lot of the work myself but because I am that kind of person that wants things perfect, I still need a project coordinator to bring it home for me with a bang and in a way that spells class and style.

When I look back to last week and all that went down, I come to realize that my obstacles are my building blocks and serve to make me stand stronger and taller. I am looking forward with so much anticipation to An Awareness Fashion Show coming up as planned on May 06. It promises to be an awesome debut for the KV blog and the Kartia Velino brand. Make sure you cleared your calendar to make way for the show. Yeeeh! The tickets are already out please visit (here)and secure your tickets
By the way, did you see it on my face book (here)?

Listen up guys, I was challenged to do zero to fifty push ups and I am recommending it as a new project for you KV fans. It was created by a friend and collaborator of mine to raise $7, billon dollars to help build some infrastructure for the underprivileged in Nigeria (here). I know you can do it, and please challenge your friends to do the same and share on social media. It is already going viral. Let’s go!

My Style Conner (Scroll down)

My Style Conner:

For this week’s post, I collaborated with one of the best Toronto based fashion designers LIDIJA Here).
She specializes in using the finest fabrics to design, very high fashion and stylish clothes ranging from every day clothes to those special occasion outfits. “Lili” is a super comfortably fitted dress made from the finest Italian fabric. The softness of this fabric makes a woman feel comfortable and beautiful and loved. Did you notice the outside seams which are an added detail to the dress that captures the very essence of it, making both myself and “Lili” stand out like a million dollars! This dress gave me such a warm and sophisticated feeling which I suspect means I will be wearing more of LIDIJA Lily’s designs in the very near future. I just feel beautifully dressed in every way while wearing “Lili”.
Around my neck you can see what appears like the neckline of the dress but it is not. “Kelly” is a handmade 100% leather statement collar necklace decorated with natural stones. The shape of the necklace and decoration of the stones make a fashion statement for all times. I gushed when I laid eyes on this delightful contraption. It is so beautifully hand crafted and designed also by LIDIJA The leather is so soft and beautifully textured while the natural stones juxtaposition comfortably against it create so much originality in this design. See more of the accessories line of very spectacular neck pieces and bow ties, (here), for your special occasions. And if you want to go shopping with Kartia at LIDIJA boutique feel free to contact me. 

This beautiful double sided figure hugging “Lili” gown is very appropriate for the cold season. The way the inside of it is as well stitched as the outside makes it double sided and truly spectacular. The length of course enhances the hour glass look. I have it all paired with a black Channel purse and beige red bottom Christian Louboutin for that very “edgy and hot look”. 

Thank you for your time my friends.

Dress: (here)
purse (here)
Shoes(here) and (here)

Jennifer Lopez  Never miss the hit  at the red carpet. and white never cease to trend all year round.
The Gold continue to be the trend for the Holidays seasons.
who are your best dressed

N.I.G.H.T  O.U.T  I.N  T.H.E  S.N.O.W

Hello my dear KV lovers, Happy New Year again.
You know what they say about all good things coming to an end? That's exactly where we are now my people. All the festivities, good food, family and friends are all come and gone. Didn't you wish it could last for ever?  Alas it can't! I am still in the holiday mood though and I don’t want to get back to work talk less of being outside doing a photo shoot! The life of a nurse, mother and fashion diva is pretty hectic! Even though we have had an unseasonably warm winter, today that I chose to do the shoot somehow turned out to be the coldest at -15° C! It’s cold outside, brrrrr!!

Folks, the first week of the year has been something of a downer for me unfortunately, not the best way to start the year but what can I tell you. It is what it is. My biggest son who plays college football had an accident on the field. But I thank God it was nothing serious. The next more upsetting follow up was having the rug pulled out from under my feet with regard to all the hard work I had been doing over the past few weeks trying to get my forthcoming Awareness Fashion Show rolling. It was such a letdown for me when one of the principal collaborators became so unbearable that I had to deliver the coup de grâce and stop the haemorrhaging. It was not really the talent that was so insufferable. It was her assistant that was just impossible to work with. I really learned a valuable lesson. When you have people working for you folks, and ‘supposedly’ representing you to the world, be sure you know how they are conducting your business because you may be unpleasantly surprised to learn they may be something of a loose cannon snuffing out all your good business opportunities. That’s exactly what this assistant is doing to his boss. I am disappointed of course that it didn't work out but allowing the situation to continue would have been worse so I salvaged what I could and exited the deal. I have already moved on to other things so I can keep you my favourite people happy! Once I am sure of my KV fans, everything else is okay. My New Year slogan is "THE BEST IS YET TO COME", and trust me the pot is cooking up some great stuff, the show must go on and The Awareness Fashion Show is still coming on May 06, but just with a slightly different cast.

My Style Conner.
My Style Conner today is a little understated, in keeping with my general mood. I picked up this skirt the other day while shopping and matched it with an old camisole bra top, threw on my ‘vintage cape fur’ and paired all with knee high  boots for that ‘sleek classic model look’.
The last thing I donned for this ‘sleek classic model look’ was this classic cut black blazer which is one article of clothing I have had for many years now. One thing I do when I shop for clothes is to pick certain items I intend to keep for a long time because of their classic cut. They will be expensive but believe me, worth every single dollar! Even though I have had this blazer for a very long time, it has not dated one bit and because of the classic cut and style, and it’s good to go any time I pull it out to wear. I just need to pair it with the current fashion and voila! It’s like new!

It’s was almost 7pm, but I knew I had to take this pictures……..just for you my darlings. How about that?  

Shop the look.

Skirt (here)
Blazer (here)
Boots (here)
Cape Fur (here)